10 Little Phrases

It may sound a bit crazy, but I think some places are good for your soul. I think these places are generally different for everybody but similar people are drawn towards similar places. Punta del Diablo, Uruguay is one of those places. While I was there for about 5 weeks I had plenty of time to myself, quiet time, and time to turn inwards.

1. Time is the only thing everyone is guaranteed. This is the one sphere where every person is equal. Time is not biased, it never changes, and it never favors any person, so believing that time is against you will not affect anything but your mood.

2. You really don’t need so much stuff. 10 pairs of pants, shoes to match every outfit, and a million different pairs of earrings are not vital to any person’s existence. Most people who can read this are consuming more than the world can support us to consume; we all need to really take a look at what we need v. what we want.

3. You probably won’t understand a different culture if you’re interpreting it through your eyes. In many instances, it takes a pair of eyes inside and outside a situation for either party to entirely understand it. So while traveling, Sand and I could easily dissect circumstances we didn’t understand about Uruguay but needed another mind for us to fully understand the situation.

4. Learning other languages is vital outside of the States. I guess this doesn’t apply for the many people that don’t travel outside of the US, but even here the need for language skills is constantly increasing. Especially as technology is continuing to grow and flattening the world, we will be growing closer to foreign nations.

5. Be able to rely on yourself. Trust yourself, listen to yourself, and know that you can depend on yourself because then there is no way for anyone to stop you from doing whatever you really want.

6. Try new things. Outside of really dangerous activities, I have no idea why people are so scared of anything new. Personal growth is only possible by pushing your limits. Take every good opportunity.

7. Always live within the moment; never, ever think about how your current situation will become a great story once you get home. Don’t do this for two reasons: 1. Although you are likely to, you may never get home. 2. More importantly, this takes your concentration out of the current moment which means you have lost it.

8. Stressing out/worrying about anything is fruitless. This will really make the entire situation much worse, and does not help at all, especially because then it’s much harder to think clearly and make decisions.

9. Be ok with doing things that make yourself happy. If you never do things that make yourself happy, you really can’t do anything for anyone else. If you are actually the one needing assistance, then you can really never help anyone else.

10. Write down great ideas. And if you can start on this idea right away, don’t wait or say that you need to do anything else beforehand unless you really must.

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