Month: May 2008

Uruguay Expedition: Begins, Raleigh-Durham to Miami

We are currently in Miami. Tomorrow we’ll begin a long journey to Montevideo, Uruguay that won’t end until mid-day on the 21st. We flew to Fort Lauderdale aboard a South West flight and then rode Florida’s trirail to… Read More

Marcas (Brands) of Yerba Mate: Canarias

Canarias is a strong brand of Yerba Mate. It only comes sin palo (without stems). This is currently my favorite brand yerba mate. As far as I know Canarias is an Uruguayan brand, but some of my bags… Read More

Lightweight alcohol pack stove

Homemade alcohol pack stoves have become a common place in the light and ultralight weight backpacking scene. They are simple, cheap, light weight, and effective. They also happen to be very easy to improvise if yours gets broken… Read More