A farewell to Uruguay

It is 10:30 on my last night in Uruguay. I have the familiar pounding headache that usually accompanies flying for me. I have grown fond of this country that has been my home for the past 7 weeks. Although I am headed home in the morning I can´t help feeling a little sad about leaving Uruguay. Each day Uruguay and Punta del Diablo to be more specific felt a little more like home.

I can see how many travelers stumble upon a place that they fall in love with and never leave. Punta del Diablo is a place that could make you never want to leave. Why is it that we are so drawn to the new places that we visit?

Uruguay is not just a stamp in your passport. If you give it a chance it may just surprise you. It is one of those countries where the energy and beauty can be hidden at first glance. You need to look deeper to find the true identity of Uruguay. It is a place that I will undoubtedly find my way back to . Here are a few tips for anyone who finds themself in the home of the first World Cup champions:

  • Try mate it just might grow on you.
  • Check out Punta del Diablo; Brian and Heidi at El Diablo Tranquilo are the nicest hosts one could ask for.
  • Meet up with a local who can show you his/her country. (Thanks Ricardo)
  • Go with an open mind; no place is perfect

5 Comments on “A farewell to Uruguay

  1. Despite your heavy heart at having to leave Uruguay, let me be one of the first to welcome you back to the US of A.

  2. Sad to see you leave as well, it’s been great. thanks much and we’ll be seeing you again,

  3. Nice blog! Makes me feel like going to Uruguay, and we’re going! This Friday. Im from Europe (summer here!), and nobody knows where Uruguay is and why we are going there in winter. There are no decent guidebooks (Lonely Planet is absolutely not my favorite anymore) and a lot of travelblogs say it is a dull country, no nature, no culture, etc. So I was thinking: great, a country to explore! There is culture, everywhere. People make the culture. And that is why I like your blog, because I can read you enjoy the culture as well. The living culture! We definitely will visit Punta del Diablo, hopefully the sun will shine now and then. Enjoy your travels!

  4. You are spot on. The guidebooks overlook Uruguay and so do most travelers. I don’t know how many people I met in Uruguay who were there for one or two nights at the most. They would tell me after one day that they had “seen” Montevideo.

    I am not a city person, but I stayed in Montevideo for a week and found something new each day. The country side and coast is more my style. Be sure to tell Brian and Heidi at El Diablo Tranquilo in Punta del Diablo that Seth says hi.

    Meeting up with a local is the only way to get the inside view of the country. The hot springs are nice this time of year, but are out of the way. If you have any questions let me know.

  5. Mascha, I am so glad that you are planning to go to Uruguay, especially for a good amount of time. I think you will find it a great place to be. Enjoy your time there!