A weekend in Asheville

If I appeared to drop off the map for the last few days, that is because I did. I was in Asheville, North Carolina at the Southern Energy & Environment Expo. The company I work for; TS Designs, had a booth at the show. I guess we have gone to the show since it started. So, my weekend was spent selling t-shirts and networking.

If you have never been to Asheville it is worth a visit. The city is set up in the mountains of Western North Carolina. There is good climbing, hiking, and paddling nearby and the mountains beckon. Unfortunately on this trip I didn’t get to take advantage of these opportunities.

Asheville has a very happening alternative scene that reminds me of Ithaca, New York but bigger. Asheville is probably one of the only places in NC with an all vegetarian restaurant, which we visitied. The food was good, but why do vegetarian restaurants have to name items after meat dishes? Call them what they are not things like Hempnut Burgers or San Carlos Fajitas.

Asheville also has a very good microbrew scene. There are craft beers to meet every pallate. I particularly liked the Jack of the Wood ESB.

Asheville has a very different atmosphere than most of NC and there is usually a cool breeze. The weather reminded me a lot of summers in upstate NY. There is enough to explore in Asheville to keep you busy for a while so check it out.