Brian’s favorite things about living in Uruguay

I asked my friend Brian, owner of El Diablo Tranquilo what his favorite and least favorite things about life in Uruguay were. These are his five favorites. We’ll finish up with the negative in a few days.
  1. Opportunity – Not only the specific opportunity we found of putting a hostel in Uruguay, but the wide openness of Latin America in general, everywhere I look something excites the entrepreneur in me.
  2. Macro-Activity – I’ve always been told I think like an economist, which fits my training, so when you combine the above with Uruguay’s diminutive size and tight knit business community in no time you can integrate yourself into the flow of a country in a unique time.  Today I’m in a nation somewhat unwittingly attempting to break free of the cyclical nature of Latin American economies by stabilizing job and inflation markets through foreign corporate intervention.
  3. The Lobby – Inseparable from how I see living in Uruguay is how I feel living in our hostel.  And how can I call this Uruguay?  I’m sitting downstairs listening to an Austrian talk about Vienna with a British couple, three Americans just left for a hike, two French Canadians requested the music I’m listening to, and who knows who will walk through these doors by the end of the day.  Who knows what ideas, point of view, experiences, and stories they’ll bring with them.
  4. Sun and Surf – I have the best office in the world.  On top of that, pretty much zero extreme weather.  Sure we get the occasionally wicked storm and some screaming winds, but whether it’s January or July, you can at least hope for a beautiful day up in 70s with a crisp and clear sun highlighting the contrast between sea and sky that awaits any quick glance outdoors.  Far cry from Wisconsin winters during which you can say with some certainty “The next few months are going to miserable outside”
  5. Music and Intellect – For a tiny country, they have great and varied music and cherish their writers and artists.  Topics of conversation are certainly not limited to sports and weather.
  6. Timelessness – Whether it is the landscapes, from windswept and dune-ridden beaches to endless pastures, or the general pace that people live their lives, time flies by but seems to stand still at the same time.  Peaceful.

2 Comments on “Brian’s favorite things about living in Uruguay

  1. Do you have a hostel in here? Where is it? What’s its name?
    I’m an Uruguaian student and am planning a big trip to Europe that’s lasting – hopefully – for about ten months next year. I’ve also visited some places here in Lat. America, but there are a lot of “must go” spots I’m still missing like Machu Pichu ruins and the Caribbean.
    Glad to see there are people intrested in tourism aroud here.
    Best regards.

  2. The Hostel is El Diablo Tranquilo in Punta del Diablo, its a really incredible place you should try to visit sometime