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Happy Pup

Camping with Puppies

We got an adorable puppy over the winter and decided during the first warm weekend in April to bring the little furry one camping. From this first trip with the pup, we learned a few things that may have been good to know beforehand. Below are those tips for camping with a puppy.


Quito’s Bus System

At first glance, the bus system of Quito may seem intimidating and confusing. Or at least, for someone who has never lived in a city nor taken a city bus, it was. As myself and a few of my friends took a lot of time to figure out the bus system, I would like to give some explanation.

University of San Francisco, Quito

Sometimes it’s easy to forget while studying abroad that I am also here to go to school. Although I like to think of Quito as a vacation, I am also getting some college credit out of being here, so I would like to spend some time discussing the University of San Francisco in Quito.