Chivito: An Awesome Sandwich

For those of you that already know me, you know that I love food. I love to try all different types of food, I really enjoy cooking and baking, and even like trying over again food that I didn’t like the first time around. So one of my favorite parts of going to Uruguay was trying so many different foods; I tried chiparones, asado, chorizo gnoccci, and many others that I could not pronounce the name of.  Out of all this delicious foods, one of my favorites was the chivito.

Chivitos are one of the most common dishes that you can find in Uruguay. They are enormous sandwiches and can be made very elaboratly, cadaniese style, chivitos al plato and con pan are only a few of the many options available. They also range greatly in price, so be careful of which type you order and where from (for example you can get a really cheap chivito from a roadside stand that probably isn’t that great or a really expensive one that costs so much just because it has fries).

These amazing sandwiches can vary greatly, but all arise from a similar composition. Chivitos always build off of a thinly sliced meat, usually a thin steak but this can be chicken as well. On top of the steak goes bacon, sometimes ham, grilled peppers and onions, green olives, cheese (to hold most of it down), and a fried egg on top. But sometimes, the sandwich has even more on it. Many come with bread, at least on the bottom, to soak up the juices, other varieties have lettuce and tomato somewhere underneath the cheese, and I have even had a chivito that had pineapple and maraschino cherries on top.

Although all of these flavors may not initially seem to go together, they create an amazing dish. I would have never thought of putting a fried egg on my steak, or bacon for that matter, but the Uruguayans definitely has it right. I love that Uruguay doesn’t quite seem to care if many westerners would balk at how many calories or grams of fat this sandwich has. Chivitos are nearly everywhere in Uruguay, so I strongly suggest trying a few varieties just to see which way you like it best.