Ciudad Vieja Hostel, Montevideo, Uruguay

Ciudad Vieja Hostel is located in the heart of Montevideo’s Ciudad Vieja region. This area of the city is home to most of Montevideo’s tourist attractions.

The area houses most of the countries museums which are almost all free of charge. They do hold very strange hours so be sure to check their hours before planning a visit.

Bartolome Mitre is a street of bars located a few blocks from the hostel. The street is closed to traffic at night and set up with tables for the spillover from the bars lining either side of the narrow street.The hostel itself is an older building like all of them in Cuidad Vieja but it is very well kept up. The staff cleans every morning and night and even makes guests beds.

The building has both co-ed and gendered dorms available and a single bathroom by each. Meaning only two bathrooms that consist of a shower, always with warm water, toilet and sink, so brushing your teeth in the morning can easily become a hassle.

The Cuidad Vieja Hostel also has two fully functioning kitchens and an available refrigerator for guests. Like many other hostels that we have stayed at, they have a good but basic continental breakfast of bread, dulce de leche, coffee, milk, and cereal. The hostel also boasts internet access and open wi-fi, although it was unreliable while we were there. They also have two common areas for guests to lounge and chat; one has a bookshelf and the other a large TV with an extensive list of DVDs that you can rent without charge.

Some of the best services that this hostel offers are bilingual, Spanish/English staff and the ability to book hostel rooms and bus tickets directly from the hostel.

There are bad aspects of this hostel as well, but many of them are mainly just personal opinions. I did not like the bathroom situation here or the internet access problems. Also, each guest must sign a waver saying that they first are carrying no illegal drugs and secondly that they will not bring alcoholic beverages into the building, although they will sell it to you at inflated prices (60 pesos for 3/4 of a liter). This hostel also caters to the bar-hopping youth that enjoy coming back very early in the morning and with the age of the building it is impossible for anyone to by quiet. So, if you want a good night’s sober sleep, reliable internet, and an easily accessible bathroom this may not be the place for you.

Although the staff is very friendly and helpful they do not live at Cuidad Vieja Hostel so the atmosphere is nice but more of a hotel than a relaxed home on the road.