Yerba Mate: Nobleza Gaucha

Flickr: by dbucNobleza Gaucha is an Argentinian brand of yerba mate. Nobleza Gaucha Sin Palo (without stems) has a strong yet smooth flavor. It lacks the smoky flavor of some other brands including Canarias. It taste more like green tea than other brands that I have tried. It has a very earthy and slightly bitter taste completely lacking the smokiness found in some other brands.

I prefer to use this variety of Nobleza Gaucha for making Tereré (cold mate). Tereré is usually made with water and some kind of fruit juice. I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of Tereré made with a smokier brand of yerba mate like Canarias.

Nobleza Gaucha also comes regular, Sauve, and various flavored varieties.

One Comment on “Yerba Mate: Nobleza Gaucha

  1. I find the taste very strong/harsh, even w/palo (the blue carton)