Yerba Mate Latte

I will probably never hear the end of this from my friends in Uruguay. I understand the very idea is sacrilegious, but many American’s have trouble with the gourd and bombilla. Personally I love it. I had read about making Mate in an espresso machine and we happened to have one laying about the house. Just to prove that I didn’t just come up with an idea like this. Here is where I read about it on Guayaki. They have a lot of quality information on their site concerning mate.

Prepare Mate Lattés:

Mate Latte Concentrate Recipes:
Mate Latté
– Mix 1:1 with milk or soy milk. Heat or pour over ice.
Traditional Mate Tea – Mix 1:1 with water instead of milk.  Heat or pour over ice.
Mate Mocha Latté – Mix 1:1 with milk, then add chocolate syrup.
Mate Vanilla Latté – Mix 1:1 with milk, then add vanilla bean syrup.
Mate Lemonade – Mix 1:1 with water, then add a squeeze of lemon.

Mate Chai Latte Concentrate Recipes:
Mate Chai Latté
– Mix 1:1 with milk or soy milk. Heat or pour over ice.
Mate Chai Cider – Mix 1:1 with apple juice.
Mate Chai Milk Shake – Blend 1:1 with ice cream.

From Loose Mate: Brew 8 oz. cup of Guayakí Yerba Mate or Java Mate.  Add sweetener (sugar, honey, or maple syrup) to taste and 4 oz. of steamed milk of choice. Top off with milk foam.   Makes a 12 oz. latté.

From Tea Bags: The Guayakí Mate Latté is the favorite mate concoction known to mate fans. It can be prepared with loose yerba mate or tea bags. Our tea bag mate blends work great too! You can use organic soy milk, rice milk, almond milk or dairy milk. Use sweetener of your choice. We like organic sugar, raw-unfiltered honey, or maple syrup.

Variation: Flavored mate lattés You can add any flavored syrups to a mate latté to create mate specialty drinks. Try hazelnut, caramel, almond, peppermint, and more…

Espresso Maker
Yerba mate brews well in most espresso makers. Place yerba mate in a double espresso portafilter.  Pull a long shot for a total of 4 oz. Great for making mate lattés.  Some baristas choose to grind the mate before using in portafilter


The mate didn’t come out as dark/strong as I would have liked. I have read that you lose many benefits by brewing rather than repeatedly steeping the mate. I forget where the study that I read that in was, but I will look over the next few days and add a link.

Well it isn’t mate, but it’s not bad either. I will stick to my gourd and bombilla. If you are having trouble with the taste oy yerba mate or are trying to convice someone new to try it this may be an option. I may try making it one mroe time with a french press. If it were stronger it may suit my pallet more. After drinking canarias for a few years I enjoy my yerba mate strong. The milk does smooth out any bitterness of the mate.