Mercado de los Artesanos, Montevideo, Uruguay

This is the largest permanent artisan market in the Cuidad Vieja part of Montevideo. It houses a variety of artisan works in a closed-air market off Plaza Cagancha, which is on the main shopping street: 18 de Julio.

The market is known for its high-quality but slightly pricey artisan goods. The craftsmanship found in this market is excellent and something that one may not be able to find in other vendors. This market is run by a conglomerate of artisans and is open during most of the day, whereas many stores close earlier.

The market has a variety of hand-made goods such as hats, scarves, clothing, jewelry, purses, wallets, shoes, masks and of course the mate and bombillas. The amount of leather goods in this market is astounding and includes wallets, purses, shoes, clothes, masks, wall hangings, and even lighter-holders. Although many of the goods here are slightly more than what you could find on the street you can find higher quality goods as well as more variety.