Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay

This wonderfully-smelling indoor and outdoor market is a popular place for any beef-loving Uruguayan to go for lunch, especially on Saturdays. Although in the summer this market is normally both in and outdoors, during the winter month of May we found much of the activity to be inside.

Here one can find at least a dozen parillerias, which are restaurants that specialize in the amazing Uruguayan tradition: asado. Upon walking inside, the smoky air is filled with the aromas of roasting sausage, steak, choto, lamb, and pork. You can sit directly in front of one of these fires and watch the meat cook or sit aside at one of the tables and be waited upon with plenty of Uruguayan beer and wine.

2 Comments on “Mercado del Puerto, Montevideo, Uruguay

  1. sand your trip pictures are briliant I would like to know how much planning it took you to make this trip happen or if you were flying by the seat of your pants

  2. Well I did a lot of research in anticipation for the trip, but as far as the day to day goes it has pretty much been day by day. There have been a lot of expiriences that we would have missed out on had the trip been pre-planned. I am glad your enjoying the photographs.