Moleskine Notebooks

Pocket Sized Moleskine NotebookI have been using Moleskine notebooks for several years to document trips and write poetry. The small notebooks are the perfect size for a travel and they are rugged enough to take the abuse. There are Moleskine notebooks to fill every note keeping need one might have. My brother who is a writer waiting for discovery uses the Moleskine I gave him as an idea book where he jots down quick ideas for later starting points.

Moleskine style notebooks supposedly have a long rich history of use by authors and artists. It is claimed that the artists Van Gogh and Picasso along with the writers Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin preferred the Moleskin. I can completely understand why.

The year I was born the company in France that made them closed down. That means it was 1986. The Moleskine notebook was brought back to life in 1998 by a Milanese company that continues to make them today. They have become quite popular again on the travel circuit.


History and popularity aren’t enough to sell me on any product. The Moleskine notebook has the spine to back it up. Moleskine notebooks come with the following features:

  • Durable cover
  • Silk? bookmark
  • Elastic closure
  • Expanding cardboard/cloth inner pocket
  • Thread bound spine
  • Acid-Free pages


Classic: I prefer the classic ruled notebook. The classic notebook comes in a huge variety of page formats including: boxes, plain, sketch, address, pockets only, storyboard, Japanese, musical, and water color pages. You can also get Moleskine notebooks in hardcover. Molskine Diaries are essentially the classic style notebooks formated as daily, weekly, or monthly journals.

Cahier is a new style of Moleskine that has a heavy duty cover and visible stitching. The notebooks are thinner than the classic style and as such can be carried in virtually any pocket.

City Books: One of the newest editions to the Moleskine line is the City Book which gives you the chance to write your own guidebook for a variety of cities. The City books include:

  • Key Map
  • Up to 36 zone maps
  • Large scale city-center map
  • Alphabetical street index
  • Up to 76 blank pages
  • 96 page with 12 indexing tabs
  • 32 removable sheets
  • 12 re-positionable clear sheets for tracking your route