Plaza Zabala, and Museo de Artes Decorativas, Montevideo, Uruguay

This is a very quiet, out-of-the-way plaza in the Cuidad Vieja part of Montevideo. It holds a monument to the first Governor of Montevideo. Although this is a very nice and quiet Plaza, espcecially compared to the lively Plaza Inpendencia and Plaza Constitution many homeless people make this their place to rest, so I would not suggest going there at night. The Plaza is tranquil and not surrounded by vendors because it is so far out of any Montevideanos regular path. Much of the old picturesque architecture surrounding it is now crumbling.

Plaza Zabala is considered the garden of the original Governor of Montevideo’s home, Palacio Taranco. This old beautiful house now holds the Museo de Artes Decorativas, Museum of Decorative Art. Although the museum is supposedly open all year, it was not open when we tried to go to it in late May, during Uruguayan winter.

This Plaza is a great place to come to get out of the busy life in Montevideo and Ave. 18 de Julio.