Some of my Favorites from Uruguay:

Some of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen were in Uruguay.

I realized that if you take the time to stop, look, explore, and actually take a picture then coming home with a set of beautiful pictures is one of the most rewarding parts of traveling. Here are some of my favorite images from Uruguay:


La Rambla, Uruguay. All Uruguayan cities and towns on the coast have a Rambla. The rambla is not only the heart of city, the entire city of Montevideo faces the rambla and the best real estate is closest to la rambla. It’s also one of the few places that is free from litter, dog piles, and cigarette butts; a huge feat for any town or city.


Punta del Diablo, Uruguay: The beaches in this rural, sleeping fishing village are incredible. They are nearly untouched by other people and during the winter you can have the beaches almost entirely to yourself. The coastal landscape here consists of peaceful white sand beaches interrupted by groups large boulders. The beaches are serene and amazing to walk along, especially at sunset. The rocks are also incredible, they entertained Sand and myself for hours climbing up and through them.


Fortaleza Santa Teresa, Uruguay: This old abandoned fort made by the Portuguese is one of the most peaceful and serene in Uruguay. Well maintained but not overly touristy.

This pictures encompasses one of my favorite things about Uruguay: Tristan Narvanja. Tristan Narvanja is a weekly, enormous sale. Here you can find anything; from matés to ravioli, women’s underwear to tires, and pirated DVDs to beautiful wicker furniture. This sprawling outdoor market reminds me of how some things about Uruguay just make sense; Uruguayans reuse nearly everything and are always looking for another bargain, especially second-hand goods.


Ernesto and Sand: One my favorite person and the other our amazing chef while working at the hostel. Ernesto reminded me constantly of how genuinely good-hearted someone can be. Most Americans, I think, would look upon his humble home and want to ‘help’ him. Make a larger home, heat it more throughly than just a fireplace can, ect. Instead of ever showing a hint of needing, wanting, or accepting assistance, Ernesto was always happy to open up his home for everyone from to hungry travelers to neighbors that just wanted to sit around and play guitar. Ok, so his home also serves has his business. He runs a restaurant called El Viejo y el Mar out of his home. Ernesto is one of the many Uruguayans that I met who were more than happy to help me out, translate some English to Spanish, or just take the time to sit around an talk together, an activity that I believe many Americans have lost in our fast-paced lifestyle.

Although some of these pictures may not be as ascetically impressive as others they represent some of my most memorable and therefore beautiful moments in Uruguay. Anywhere you travel will likely become dear to you and pictures will soon me more than pretty. Take good pictures, and make better memories but more importantly enjoy yourself and travels.

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  1. That’s absolutely correct. I sometimes get caught up in trying to find the right places and the right shot for pictures that I forget to enjoy life.