Staying Healthy While Traveling

Eating out, sleeping in and taking a break from your daily routine are some of the best and most common ways to enjoy traveling. I mean, one of the reasons most people travel is to get away from the normal routine, right? But I find that I don’t enjoy traveling nearly as much when I don’t take care of myself, just like whenever I loose the enthusiasm to exercise daily. I think that continuing to eat healthy and exercising can greatly improve your travels.

While I was in Uruguay I started running and began doing yoga again. Running was new to me and doing so on the beach seemed like the perfect way to start a habit of it. I suggest you bring adequate footwear because running barefoot across sand bothered my arches. I also got back in to doing yoga. Relaxing Punta del Diablo was the perfect place to start doing yoga again, and especially after Heidi lent her mat to me (thanks).

Sticking to a healthy diet also came back to me while we were in Uruguay. I eventually realized that I really should have been taking my vitamins all along. For the most part, restaurant food is really good tasting, but not necessarily really good for you. This is especially true in Uruguay where salads and other green vegetables are are rarely on the menu. So to help fufill my need for vegetables, I began doing three things: taking a vitamin daily, buying and preparing my own vegetables, and drinking more mate.

I strongly advise anyone traveling to bring a good vitamin. You don’t want your immune system to get weak while your trekking around the world. I definitely love eating out, but I found it fairly difficult to eat the healthy food that I would at home at a restaurant, so vitamins are essential. It’s also a great idea to make your own salads and to buy food at a grocery store as well; this will save you money and probably be a bit healthier than restaurant options. If you are in the southern cone of South America, then mate is a must. Sand and I like to call it a ‘liquid salad’ because it is probably the most green that we ever saw an Uruguayan ingest. Mate has many nutrients and minerals in it that if I drank as much mate as the average Uruguayan, then I would not have gotten salad cravings at all.

Eating at restaurants is one of my favorite parts of traveling, I like to order a la carte instead of regular platters. Normally this eliminates the extra fries and much of the extra expense. I also then get to try more dishes, which I love because trying new food is one of my favorite past times, without breaking my budget.

Overall I find that I enjoy traveling more, and am much less stressed, when I eat better and continue to exercise while I’m on the road. I am constantly getting new ideas for exercising and learning about new foods. During a trip your daily routine is interrupted and I believe that this makes it a perfect time to institute healthy new habits into your daily routine.