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Colonial Quito

The old section of Quito is full of people doing so many different things. There are people cooking food in the streets and others selling it. Boys asking to shine your shoes, other tourists meandering about, and the occasional performer.

Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, Uruguay

Plaza Independencia is one of Montevideo’s largest and most well known plazas. It’s located in the Ciudad Vieja area of the city. The center piece of the plaza is an enormous statue of Artigas, the historic hero and… Read More

Plaza Zabala, and Museo de Artes Decorativas, Montevideo, Uruguay

This is a very quiet, out-of-the-way plaza in the Cuidad Vieja part of Montevideo. It holds a monument to the first Governor of Montevideo. Although this is a very nice and quiet Plaza, espcecially compared to the lively… Read More