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Quito’s Bus System

At first glance, the bus system of Quito may seem intimidating and confusing. Or at least, for someone who has never lived in a city nor taken a city bus, it was. As myself and a few of my friends took a lot of time to figure out the bus system, I would like to give some explanation.

10 Nuances of Living in Quito

I have been abroad in Quito, Ecuador for just over 2 months now and have put together a comprehensive list of occurrences that are definitely different here. These are general differences between Quito and the United States; ones that anyone from someone looking to move here or a tourist may be interested in, especially women.

University of San Francisco, Quito

Sometimes it’s easy to forget while studying abroad that I am also here to go to school. Although I like to think of Quito as a vacation, I am also getting some college credit out of being here, so I would like to spend some time discussing the University of San Francisco in Quito.