Wrap-N-Mat your leftovers to go

I wish I could claim that I discovered these, but you’ll have to thank Elizabeth at Go Green Travel Green for the discovery.

Wrap-N-Mat Review: A Must for Every Green Traveler

27 June, 2008 | Travel Gear | By: Elizabeth

There are very few things I would argue that every environmentally-conscious traveler needs. But the Wrap-N-Mat is a must for every green traveler. I would even go so far as to argue that every traveler and honestly, human being, needs a Wrap-N-Mat. The Wrap-N-Mat saves me money, time, and, most importantly, guilt.

So what is this Wrap-N-Mat? Essentially, it replaces a plastic sandwich baggie. Not only does it hold sandwiches, it’s great for burritos, pizza, graham crackers, pretty much any flat food

You say you have Tupperware for this? Well, a Wrap-N-Mat is nearly paper thin, saving invaluable space in your backpack or purse.

This would be a fantastic addition to your travel gear. I am constantly improvising secure ways to carry left overs while traveling. Some of those improvisations have proven less than functional. One or two of these would also allow you to pack a self-made sandwich for the days wandering without having to worry about its condition at lunch time. Packing your own lunch was mentioned in my recent post 5 Tips for Eating on a Budget.

Being reusable is a huge plus. I hate to think of all of the garbage I contribute to someone else’s home while I am visiting. We really do use way to many throw away items in the US. Many items like plastic wrap don’t even exist in parts of the world.

Wrap-N-Mat’s are the perfect solution to a problem that you probably never realized you had.